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Ashford Formula: Concrete Services of Northwest Arkansas is the only certified applicator of Ashford Formula in Northwest Arkansas. Ashford Formula is an environmentally friendly sealant coating that creates a deep seal for the lifetime of the concrete. This protects concrete from abrasion and staining, especially in high-traffic areas. Ashford Formula creates a permanent high-sheen surface that is easy to clean, and can be applied immediately after we finish the concrete surface. Tilt walls: Also known as tilt-up construction, tilt walls are simply concrete wall panels that are poured and cured at the jobsite. Once the panels are cured, they are “tilted up” to create walls. Since the panels are cast on-site, their size is limited only by the strength of the concrete—and the skill and expertise of your concrete contractor. Heavy foundations: Not only do we have the experience and technical skills necessary for a heavy foundation or other large project, but we also have the organizational power to coordinate large concrete projects and the general-contracting background to understand exactly how your concrete work affects your entire project. Collaborating with architects: Our background in general contracting allows us to understand the impact our concrete work has on the rest of your project. We will work with your architect to make sure the design, implementation, and components of our concrete work are exactly as needed. And we’ll make sure to get your drawings and specifications up front, so that our supervisors can manage your concrete project efficiently.

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