Medical Facilities Experience


State of the art facilities require state of the art construction. Concrete Services of NWA, with 100 years of combined experience, has the concrete specialists who can deliver a concrete product ready to handle the precision necessary for the latest in medical technology. Our attention to detail and excellence is evident in our work and is our commitment to you.

Concrete Advantages:

  • Doesn’t need fire-proofing
  • Buildings are stiff, so there is little vibration—increasingly important for sophisticated equipment.
  • Steel beams can affect the performance of MRI imaging equipment
  • Contains radiation
  • Building air quality is better
  • Building additions are easier and less costly
  • Buildings are quieter
  • Can serve as the floor finish, eliminating the VOCs associated with other floor coverings
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Is low maintenance
  • Construction is sustainable and green

A leader in the industry, our concrete leveling system out perform other concrete companies with the precision and accuracy required by sensitive diagnostic and treatment equipment. The Somero S-15R Laser Screed™ and Power Rake are the latest in concrete leveling technology that delivers a surface that rivals our competitors.

Tilt wall construction and post tensioning reinforcement are two of the specialties that Concrete Services of NWA offers that can save you time and money with construction costs.

Medical Facilities, High Rise Hospitals, Parking Garages, Assisted Living Facilities, and Nursing Homes are critical services that Concrete Services is dedicated to building with the utmost care and quality. Constructed with the same attention to detail and the finest construction that we would want for our own.

Your concrete walls, concrete forms, and concrete foundations are safe in the hands of Concrete Services of Northwest Arkansas.

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